Have unused credit? Share it!

For the first time in the world, you can help a friend out who's exhausted their slice credit limit by sharing your credit with them - be a good pal that you are! 🥰

It's just like lending pocket money

And thus, a revolution begins.


Lend a helping hand


You decide how much credit you want to send. Make a deposit and you earn monies, too!


Your friend's slice card gets extra credit. They can then use it to buy anything.


At the end of the billing cycle, your friend pays the slice bill as usual. He keeps the monies he earned.


You get your money back. Thanks for backing up your friend when they needed you the most.

What are you waiting for? Try out the wireframe.

Why it's revolutionary

Our research suggested that many slice users have almost 80% of their credit limit going unused every month and then there are many who complain about the low credit limit and are sincere users
- why not connect the two of you?

What's in it for you

Help them buy their dream purchase. You are refunded when your friend pays the bill. You earn monies, too. 😎

What's in it for your friend

They get some extra credit during tough times to help them get through - earning monies along the way. 😋

What are the hidden terms?

slice earns nothing except the interest paid on EMI plans and the late fees. If you pay on time, we get nothing. 😉

1 credit + 2 spends = 2 much fun

Nothing to lose

For all the credit-paranoid users, we have in-built safety features so that you can use slice card all you want and also help out your friend - all without negatively impacting your credit score.

Soft limit of up to 30% of your limit

Always spend less than 30% to avoid credit damage and only turn off the limit for emergency fund transfers

All unused credit is rolled back

If your friend spends less than the credit you transfer, it is rolled back in the next cycle

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you will have a lot of questions, and we're here to answer them for you. If there is something else you want to know, please enter your email on the top and we'll get back to you.

Why should I share my credit?

If you have some available credit, put it to good use by helping others get their dream purchases. Sharing is caring and we encourage every slice user to make the most out of this community. You also earn free monies as per the current rate.

How does the sharing work?

It's simple. You need to make a refundable purchase of Rs. X credit that will then be sent to your friend. When your friend pays back, your amount is refunded back to you as cashback.

Why are you asking me to do a refundable deposit?

You are accountable for your friend's repayment. We assign appropriate credit limits based on our smart profiling algorithms. However, in order to assign more credit than what's safe - no matter how reliable your friend is - we need someone who can back them up. Here is where you come in. Don't worry, when they pay their bill, you get your money back. We will reward you for backing up your friend by giving you monies against the deposit you make.

What do I get from sharing my credit?

Once you make your payment, the purchased credit will be shown as a part of your card bill - helping you improve your credit score even if you have no spend on the card. For every credit purchased, you earn free monies, as per our current conversion rates.

How will this help my friend?

Your friend will then have the freedom to use their slice card irrespective of how much credit they have remaining. What else can make them happy? Because you have backed them up, we know they are reliable - and you will help them increase their credit limit. They can also earn extra monies from extra credit!

Who can I share my credit with?

Currently, you can only share it with people who own a slice card. We are looking to expand to people who are wait-listed as well.

How do I share my credit?
  1. 📲 Head over to the slice app.
  2. 💸 Choose the credit you want to transfer.
  3. 📞 Tell us your friend's registered mobile number.
  4. 💰 Make a refundable deposit using your own slice card.
  5. 😍 Wait for your friend to call in excitement!
When will I get my money back?

After your friend repays the slice card bill at the end of the current billing cycle, we will return your money as cashback in the next billing cycle. If your friend is delaying the repayment, we will hold your money until the entire payment is completed on their end.

Are there hidden charges that slice takes?

No, slice takes no money in the entire process. We return your entire deposit as cashback for you to avail in the next billing cycle. There are no hidden charges except late fees and normal interest that we charge your friend to assist them pay their bills on time. They, too, have no extra money to pay if they pay on time.

What happens when my friend doesn't pay back?

We will try our best to recover the amount as per our policies, but your money will be on hold until your friend makes the complete payment. 

Can I cancel the credit transfer?

No, after you've confirmed the transfer by making a deposit, we can not give your money back until your friend pays their card bill fully.

Checkout the wireframe

We have designed an easy way to share credit. You should check out the experience and tell us what you think about it.

What do you think of this idea?

What do you think of this idea?


Here's what the early birds had to say 📢

Every opinion matters and we take our customers seriously. If you have anything to add, or just want to talk about slice, do contact us asap.

It's a great idea, something very novel and unheard of before. Slice should incorporate this.

Vishal Khedkar

slice user, Mumbai

A lot of people lend their credit limits independently, sometimes since their friends don't have access to funds, or for bank/shopping offers. By integrating this into the app, credibility can be introduced into the system, and I think this is a great idea

Tarang Girish

slice user, Bangalore

It's very logical to share the unused credit. Would love to have and use this feature soon.

Rishav Raj

slice user, Bangalore

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